10 Celebrities Who Changed Their Real Names To Be Successful In Bollywood!

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Many celebrities have changed their real names to make it big in Bollywood, and believe it or not, but it did happen with a stage name rather than their real names. So, here is a list of 10 celebrities who changed their name before debut and got success.
1. Well, it suits better to him!

2. ‘Greek God’ was named as Hrithik Nagrath by his father Rakesh Roshan, but changed it to Hrithik Roshan.

3. I can’t even imagine anything other than Rekha-

4. Don’t get disappointed if ‘Banarasi Babu’ is actually ‘Punjabi Babu’.

5. Farhan Abraham is his Persian name, later his father named him John Abraham.

6. Her real name is ‘Katerina Turquotte’, but she changed her mother’s surname ‘Turquotte’to ‘Kaif’ to makes herself sound more Indian than British.

7. This typical Rajput girl from Himachal Pradesh has a typical Himachali name, no surprise!

8. Jackie Shroff is so cool and is loved for his gangster style, it’ suits him!

9. Like father, like son! We love tiger more!

10. Yes she is a Punjabi Kuddi!

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