Bandgi Kalra Makes Her Relationship Official With Puneesh Sharma, Slams Her Ex- Boyfriend

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Bandgi Kalra’s eviction from Bigg Boss 11 on Sunday came as a shock to everyone. She came into limelight because of her love affair and physical closeness with co- contestant Puneesh Sharma in the show. A lot has been told about this couple’s relationship inside as well as outside of the BB house. Everyone speculated that both are faking this relationship to get public attention and keep themselves safe in the game.

Minutes after the evictionon Sunday, Bandagi came out of the Big Boss house and expressed publicly that she is very much in love with Puneesh Sharma.

Bandgi said she is missing Puneesh terribly, “We weren’t faking our relationship for the show. It’s not possible with a format like Bigg Boss, where you don’t know what’s in store for you next. You can pretend for the first few days, but definitely can’t continue,”

Post eviction she also slammed her ex- boyfriend who is a TV show producer, claiming that she had long broken up with him because he is not a good person; he was ready to share her with someone else. Bandgi was seen telling Priyank Sharma on the Big Boss show that Dennis is a “ghatiya aadmi”. When Priyank had told Bandagi after his comeback that Dennis loved her truly, Bandgi had retaliated saying that Dennis is the worst person ever.

Talking about her journey in the show, Bandgi said that her Bigg Boss experience was wonderful, “I’d love to go back to the show as a wild card entry, 200 per cent if Puneesh is there, and 100 per cent if he isn’t. The show has changed my life completely,”

When asked about who should win the Big Boss 11, she replied-

“Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde are playing well. Given the way they are conducting themselves, I think they might win Bigg Boss,”

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