Denied Hotel Room, Furious Man Sprays Hotel Receptionist With Extinguisher After A Dispute

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A Chinese hotel receptionist suddenly found herself packed in a cloud of white foam after a man sprayed fire extinguisher on her for denying a room in hotel.

Reportedly, the man was very furious after an argument with the front desk executive of that hotel. Accused man was turned down for a room in the hotel even after calling hotel facility multiple times to book the room. Hotel said that the man refused to reveal his name that’s why they didn’t book a room for him, to which that man abused hotel receptionist over the phone.

Enraged, the man then drove all the way to the hotel and attacked the receptionist with fire extinguisher. This whole incident was caught on the surveillance camera. In the video footage man is seen shouting at the receptionist and spraying fire extinguisher on her. Meanwhile, a security guard came to her rescue and is seen trying to calm down the man as the woman ducks behind her desk covered in white froth. She is seen covering her eyes while making a call. It’s still unclear if she was injured during the incident.

The incident took place in Xi’an city in China’s Shaanxi province on Saturday.

Watch the surveillance footage here:

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