IIT Kanpur Students Are Falling In Claws Of Drug-Addiction, Enquiry Reveals Insiders Are Peddling

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The news of IIT Kanpur students getting trapped in the claw of drugs has come as a nightmare for IIT-K administration as well as for parents. The administration has confirmed that a few hundred students have been found using drugs in the campus secretly.

An internal enquire has revealed that many students at this most renowned engineering institute have been involved in consumption of various kinds of drugs for a very long time. Taking the seriousness of the matter administration has warrant immediate action.

Several gangs of drug peddlers are active in these areas that are targeting the students of the IIT-K campus. After receiving specific inputs about drug menace on the campus a raid was conducted with the help of UP STF, in which they have arrested five drug peddlers with drugs in their possession.
Acting director Professor Manindra Agarwal said, “As per an internal assessment (probe), a few hundred bright students of the institute are using drugs on the campus and the situation is alarming. We have raised the issue with district magistrate Surendra Singh, who has acknowledged the fact and assured an immediate and appropriate response,”

As per investigation, these drugs are easily available at roadside shops. Students can buy drugs include Surti (tobacco), smack, Charas (Cannabis), Ganja (Hemp), etc at low prices with some negotiation. It is also said that the tea stalls near the gates of the institute also sell such drugs.

However, students are saying that the problem is not as serious as it has been hyped and ‘exaggerated ‘.
Overall, the future of India is not in the right direction. Since a large number of students are affected by the use of drugs, substance abuse is a matter to take seriously and act accordingly.

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