Virendra Sehwag Says This English Cricketer Can Get More Money Than Virat Kohli In IPL Auction

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Former Indian cricketer Virendra Sehwag who is also Kings XI Punjab Team’s director believes that England all-rounder Ben stokes could bag more money than Virat Kohli at the IPL auction.

When He was asked whether there would be any player who can get more money at the auction than Virat Kohli, Viru said, yes there are two-three players!

“Yes absolutely, there are 2-3 players who can fetch more. In an auction, when a team wants a specific player and there are a couple of other teams too, a bid that starts for Rs. 2 crores can end up going till even Rs. 20 crores”- he said.

Explaining his point, Sehwag said, “We saw last time, Mumbai Indians didn’t have the money to buy Ben Stokes so he went for Rs. 14 crores. This time, everyone has the money for Ben Stokes. So maybe, he can cross Virat Kohli’s number.”

Virat Kohli was retained by Royal Challengers Bangalore for Rs 17 crore. However, few fans think that Sehwag has some problem with Virat Kohli, check these tweets-

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