10 Bollywood Stars Who Hide Their Surname For Some Interesting Reasons

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Amidst all the nepotism there are few Bollywood stars that hide their Surnames. Although, surname explains a lot about family and ancestry which could be a deciding factor in B-town, but few actors prefer not to disclose their lineage for some good reason. So, here is a list of 10 actors who keep their surname out of fame.

1. Jeetendra

Don’t get surprised if I say that the real name of the Jumping Jack is Ravi Kapoor. He not only dropped his surname, but also changed his first name before entering in Bollywood, to keep his name catchy.

2. Govinda

Full name of Govinda is Govinda Arun Ahuja that he shortened to only Govinda to keep his name short and sweet before entering Bollywood.

3. Kajol

Full name of Kajol is Kajol Mukherjee, but she dropped her surname after her parents Tanuja and Shomu Mukherjee separated.

4. Dharmendra

Well the full name of He-Man of Bollywood is actually Dharam Singh Deol, but he left his hefty surname to keep his name short and easy to catch. Although, his sons and daughters prefer to carry Deol title.

5. Tamannah

Her real name is Tamanna’ Bhatia’ , but she dropped  her surname for some numerological reasons before entering in Bollywood, and added an extra ‘h’ to her original first name Tamanna.

6. Rekha

Rekha changed her name to Rekha from her actual name Bhanurekha Ganesan to keep it short and easily pronounceable.

7. Asin

This South Indian actress abandoned her title ‘Thottumkal’, because it was difficult for people to pronounce and remember.

8. Tabu

Tabassum Hashmi is the original name of actress Tabu, but she left her surname and shortened first name to be remembered by a sweet and simple name in Bollywood.

9. Rajinikanth

Shivaji Rao Gaikwad is the real name actor Rajinikanth. But he dropped his surname and changed his first name after entering the film industry to make his name more familiar all over India.

10. Shaan

Playback singer Shan’s actual name is Shantanu Mukherjee, but he chooses Shan over Shantanu Mukherjee to be remembered easily.

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