10 Hilarious Things Only Indians Can Think Of Doing

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India is land of mysteries, myths, and Jugaad. We Indians always figure out some sort of alternative to fix problems and sometime create problems. There are few quintessentially legit things that can happen only in India. While we think of becoming super power as soon as possible, we also follow many illogical rituals without even questioning. Here is a list of 10 things that could happen only in India.

1. Getting married to a cow/dog/goat/buffalo so that life can go smoothly with human.

2. Indian Railways – people on board.

3. When God becomes superhero.

4. Facebook wali saree.

5. Indigenous Signboards!

6. Bring on your terminator ….. We have got his bike!

7. Indian Railways at its best!

8. And when you thought Indians are sexist!

9. Onion slaughters!

10. Last but not least…….Bappi Lahiri!

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