10 Places Where There Is ‘No Entry’ For The Kardashians

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You have all the money, but you still can’t visit some places. Well, this is the story of the Kardashian clan. They are banned in many places, businesses, and even in towns. That’s so annoying, right? This may be disturbing for them, but might be interesting for you to know.

1. The Hamptons

The long stretches of the Hamptons are not so welcoming for the Kardashians. The place is known for privacy, but the Kardashian sisters were seen rolling with the TV crew. Thereafter, they were banned in some restaurants.

2. Oscar Parties

The drunk behavior of Kris Jenner at Raleigh Studios’ Oscar parties has resulted in banning the Kardashian family.

3. Anderson Cooper 360

Anderson Cooper is a journalist who covers global issues and he is not interested in talking about the new luxury bought by the Kardashians. He made it clear after Khloe confessed her love for him.

4. The Met Gala

The Kardashians never made to the guest list of Met Gala party, but they became a part of the party soon after Kim’s association with Kanye. But it seems that they are again going to be banned because Kim broke the primary rule of ‘no photography’.

5. Vogue Magazine

You have seen Kim on the front page, but no more you got to see her again. Vogue Editor-in-chief Wintour believes that the Kardashians are the antithesis of class and fashion.

6. South Beach, Miami

The residents of South Beach, Miami have no interest in the Kardashians reality shows and the people living nearby her chosen location did not sign the rights to be filmed, which only left her with the option to relocate.

7. Florida

A prisoner in Florida tried to file an order against Kim and Kayne, restricting them from entering Florida or to air any of their shows in Florida. Well, the reason for his hatred is unknown.

8. The White House

Kim tried to make use of every opportunity to mingle with President Obama, but she was always restricted by secret service. President Obama did not hesitate in calling Kanye a “jackass”.

9. The Burger Joint in Buenos Aires, Argentina

There is a big board outside The Burger Joint in Buenos Aires, Argentina which states that “No Kardashians Allowed”. Kim’s clan is evidently banned from entering the restaurant.

10. Parking in L.A.

This one was not official, but done by an artist named ‘Plastic Jesus’, who got stuck in traffic because of Kardashians. He created street signs which pronounced that Kardashians can’t park anytime at certain locations.

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