10 Stars You Wouldn’t Recognize Anymore!

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These are some of the following stars who have gone through severe changes in the past few years. They have changed so drastically over the years, that, people has a hard time recognizing them or have a tough time picking them up on a lineup. Here is a list of them who has aged quite quickly.
1. Shelley Duvall has aged terribly. You can barely recognize her. She used to look like a model, now is nothing but as old as any other stranger.

2. Renee Zellweger looks so much different from the other picture on the left. She says she has changed her lifestyle and is living a much healthier and a fulfilling life. She has changed completely the way she looks.

3. Val Kilmer has lost a lot of weight in this picture and looks pretty awfully old and skinny in this picture than the one on the left. He has a sudden drastic weight loss and you would have a hard time recognizing him.

4. Mickey Rourke went through several operations for his broken nose and his broken cheek. He also went to the wrong guy to mend his face.

5. Meg Ryan has a completely transformed face. It changed naturally and people often asked, what happened to her face. Although there were rumors of plastic surgery, it is not entirely known what she is up to.

6. Lil Kim has also battled rumors of plastic surgery. Her face looks different in various different events. She has changed drastically and looks different from the picture on the left.

7. Lark Voorhies – looking at her its hard to believe she has changed so much in the last few decades. She denied reports that she was bi-polar and told in an interview that she was suffering from lupus.

8. Anjelica Huston has also changed drastically. The 2013 panel for NBC’s smash has claimed that she was suffering from offensive sounding condition also known as ‘pillow face’. She has also been through plastic surgeries and Botox that has had major side effects.

9. Daryl Hannah looks way different from her older days. Although she might have gone through a few plastic surgeries, it has nothing to do with her looking different.

10. Rupert Everett has faced severe criticisms since the past decade. Although he didn’t have any surgery at all, he must have aged naturally. He has lines on his face and looks much different from what he used to from the picture on the left. He seemed to have aged quicker.

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