7-Year-Old Begs On The Street To Clear Medical Bills, While Mother Held Captive By The Hospital

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It seems like medical institutions and personnel are losing compassion day by day. Humanity was shamed when a local hospital refused to release a 31-year-old woman from Bihar when her family failed to clear her medical bills. The woman was held captive for about 12 days after she delivered a stillborn baby for pending medical bills amounting to Rs 70,000.

The case got public attention when her seven-year-old son was forced to beg on the streets to collect the money to pay for the hospital bills.

The woman was rescued from the facility only after MP from Madhepura constituency intervened in the matter and lodged a FIR against the hospital administration. The medical facility released her on Sunday.
According to a local police, “The woman who had developed some medical complications was admitted to Maa Sheetla Emergency Hospital Private Limited on November 14 through an agent. Initially, her family was asked to cough up Rs 1.5 lakh but later the treatment cost was reduced to Rs 70,000. The agent told Devi’s husband Nirdhan Ram that he had to pay only Rs 25,000 which he deposited,”
The law administrators further asked the hospital to refund Rs 10,000 to Devi and dropped her home in an ambulance.

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