8 Psychological Hacks To Save You From Adverse Situation And Look More Confident

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Let me tell you one thing……… it’s not destined get to trapped in opposites situation and then suffer for your whole living life. There are ways to get out of the critical situations and that too in style. Here are 10 psychological hacks you can use to get out of difficult situation and even for avoiding them. Take a look…. how you change your personality and look more confident and pleasing just by practicing few psychological hacks.

1. If want to have a positive response from someone then nod while you talk!

2. If you think that someone is staring you… then look in their direction and check your watch ….. if the person does same then he/she was staring you!

3. If you ask someone to do simpler thing for you first….. they will end up doing more for you!

4. If you want to be persuasive then stop saying “I think” and “I believe”!

5. Holding drink above belly button makes on e look more confident!

6. If you feel nervous about doing something, then start chewing gum it will help you deal with it!

7. You should end you conversation at a energetic note as people remember last and first thing!

8. Attacking people’s self image will make them dislike you instantly!

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