80 Year Old Man With Pakistani Passport Wants To Die As Indian

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1. A man named Nand Kishore reached Pakistan as a young boy in 1946 from a village in Deoria of Uttar Pradesh, and returned to India 19 years later with a new name Hasmat Ali.

His poor mother sent him to Karachi to work as a domestic help for a man named Abu Ahmad before partition.

3. Nand Kishore said, “I came back as a grown man with a Pakistani passport and with a new name, Hasmat Ali”. He is no longer the Nand Kishore of Deoria, but a man on a Pakistani passport; he had to live the life of refugee.

4. Between 1974 and 1998, his visa was extended annually. But the external affairs ministry did not approve any extensions thereafter and ordered his deportation.

5. Now in the last stage of his life, the 80-year-old man wants to die as an Indian. Surrounded by an extended family of 24 members, Nand Kishore remains hopeful

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