About Us

Hit Hai Boss is an independent online news and entertainment website which brings to you interesting newsfeeds on a daily basis. The company is headquartered in Delhi, but adopts a truly global approach in serving global and local news of relevance. We aim at presenting news, views and analysis in a youthful and bold manner, while not shifting from our prime focus i.e. credibility and facts.

The Hit Hai Boss firmly believes in independent journalism which is why we take care to bring to you a perfect combination of the good old tradition of journalism ably supported by modern technologies and social media. Our smart and savvy reporting and editorial team has mastered the art of blending curiosity, questioning, wit, humour and rationality to present latest news in an engaging manner. The young members are ably guided by the experienced ones to bring to you journalism at its best and cleanest form.

Driven by the vision to empower people through information and influence lives positively, the Hit Hai Boss team works hard to come up with well-researched and authentic information from an unbiased perspective. We bring to you news that are the best attainable versions of the truth. We never try to influence opinion of readers; neither do we impose our own thoughts on them. We don’t answer to any corporate parent company, government agencies or a deep-pocketed donor. We never defame or belittle anyone just because the entity doesn’t belong to the ‘influential’ or ‘wealthy’ category. Instead we’re accountable to You – our valued readers.

Our news presentation is sensitive and compassionate, as well as bold and aggressive. We never shy away from calling a spade a spade, and do not apologise for it, as we always ensure that each piece of news is backed by credible and solid facts. We do make a serious effort to bring to you the trending news, be it related to politics, entertainment, travel, health, and many more. We have set up the news agenda for the nation, with crisp format, straight forward reporting, and engaging mix of stories. We limit ourselves to bringing you the information only so that you can make up your mind about what to keep and which to discard.

Hit Hai Boss covers a wide range of topics related to music, entertainment, sports, fashion, travel, lifestyle, culture, food, history, parenting and any subject of relevance. We provide breaking news, voluminous photo galleries, informative blogs, scoops, top event coverage, celebrity lifestyle and fashion trends, all of which make us the talking point amongst industry insiders and readers.

While Hit Hai Boss primarily focuses on incidents and actions in India we are equally alert about happenings around the world. We cover each topic with unabashed fondness for peace, and transparency. We are passionate about picking up topics which are distinctive, and intriguing. It is our unique presentation skill, engaging story-telling style and attention to details that distinguish us from our peers in the news segment.

With Hit Hai Boss you can stay updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because we believe the action never stops!