Akash Ambani’s Wedding Card Worth 1.5 Lakh Which Is Going Viral Is Fake

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You might be still thinking about the dreamy invitation card of Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s eldest son, Akash Ambani’s marriage. A card made of gold and carved exquisitely worth Rs 1.5 lakh, only Ambanis can do it! We all are thinking if this is how his wedding cards look, how lavish his marriage will be?

Okay, let me burst the bubble. This wedding card is FAKE, so is viral video that has been doing rounds.Reliance has clarified that the news is just a rumor and there are no official announcements as such for his marriage.

Well for now it’s not happening, however when it comes to Ambanis we know they will spare no possible effort to make their function grandest. But for now, we will have to wait a bit longer because at present Akash is more career-oriented. We are sure; it would be a day to cherish when Ambani boy will get married.

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