Arshi Khan In BB11 With Mean Task: Shipa Shinde Asks If She Can Slap Vikash Gupta

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You can try but wouldn’t be able to lose interest in Big Boss 11 which is on the verge of its finale. Makers are using every antic to keep viewers glued with the show. Using different voting methods or introducing unique tasks, they are leaving no stone unturned to make the show No. 1.
Tonight’s episode will be an interesting one as “nagin of the house”, Arshi Khan will enter in Big Boss 11 to reveal everyone’s meaner side on camera. Arshi will assign a task to housemates and ask them to turn mean to each other. The meanest contestant will go on to win the task.

Puneesh will forget his friendship with Shilpa for the sake of the task. He will take away Shilpa’s shoes and say, “nange pair ghumaunga finale tak” leaving Shilpa shocked.
On the other hand Shilpa Shinde will show mean side to her “frenemy” Vikas Gupta. She is seen in the preview asking Arshi if she could slap Vikas in the task. However, on Arshi’s entry Vikas Gupta is looking very happy and emotional.

Looking at the task it seems like this task is somewhat connected to contestant’s entry in the top 4.

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