Asked To Wait For Death Certificate, Mother Forced To Keep Dead Baby In Her Fridge

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A Peruvian mother named Monica Palomino has claimed that she was forced to keep her dead baby’s body in her fridge after a hospital delayed in providing her a death certificate of the baby.

Monica said that she gave birth to a premature baby on Saturday after a gestation period of only 25 weeks. Unfortunately the infant died on Monday. Monica’s experience went from bad to worse when the hospital where the premature child was born, discharged her and asked her to take the deceased baby without even giving her any time to complete the paperwork in order to receive the death certificate.

Monica Palomino complained that the security staff of the Sergio Bernales hospital directly handed her baby and gave no chance to complete all the paperwork, she said, “gave me my son when I was discharged”.

She also added, “He’s in the refrigerator in my house because they did not give me the time to do the paperwork for his death certificate. I want to bury him but to do so I need the death certificate.” The mourning woman said her baby is still in her freezer at home where she has placed a sign that says “Do Not Touch”.

After all the accusations and complains, the hospital’s director said on Wednesday that he would order an investigation into the incident. He also added that if this had happened then the security guards broke all the hospital’s rules.

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