Bank Denies To Help, Old Man Taken To Bank On Khaat To Withdraw Money

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Say it irresponsibility of Bank employees or lack of humanity, but making a terminally ill old man to visit bank for withdrawing money is not very far from cruelty.
This incidence came in news when people raged against a bank for asking a seriously sick old man to come to bank for withdrawing cash, and family had to carry him on a cot. Local people reproached bank when they saw a family carrying an old man named Guharam on a cot to Cooperative bank in district Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh. Initially people thought that old man is being carried on cot for  cremation, but they got stunned when came to know that actually family is taking him to bank.

As per reports, bank denied cooperation with the family that needed to withdraw money from the bank in the time of their crisis, neither had they believed medical certificate nor they took effort of visiting home of the old man to do inquiries.

Guharam of Megha area from Dhamtri district a farmer by occupation had recently sold his crops to the government. He got badly injured in an accident and couldn’t walk. For the treatment and other expenses he asked his wife Ramabai to withdraw money from the bank who is his nominee.

She visited bank with all the required documents including ID card, medical certificate, and passbook, but bank manager denied to believe authenticity of documents and asked to bring her husband anyhow. So, Ramabai had to request his neighbors and family members to carry him on cot to the bank.
When angry people started to express their anger, bank manager said in his defense that there have been many fraud in past so they were taking precautions. Anyhow, this statement of manager is not justifiable since there is a policy of enquiry by bank employees in case account holder is unable to visit bank because of critical health issue.

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