Bodo-Muslim Families Won’t Exchange Their Swapped Babies Because Of This Heart-Touching Reason

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We all know that Darrang (a district of Assam) has a long history of Bodo-Muslim ethnic violence, but this heart touching incident will wash out all the believed conceptions and rejuvenate your faith in humanity once again. Two babies born to different families, one to a Bodo family and the other to a Muslim family in Assam’s Darrang district got swapped in hospital soon after birth. Three years later both families agreed to exchange the babies, but when the day of exchange arrived kids were not ready to part with the families they grew up with. So, family decided to nullify the exchange and live with those kids as before.
Story started when wife of a Muslim school teacher delivered a boy in 2015 at the Mongoldoi civil hospital. Within a week mother got suspicious about the identity of his son “I observed his face, it did not have any resemblance with anyone in our family, rather it was similar to a Bodo woman who was admitted to the same hospital on the day of my delivery,” she said.

Lady opened up about doubt with her husband. Her husband approached the hospital and it took an RTI query to find out the names of all children born in the hospital the same day. After receiving names the couple finally narrowed down to a Bodo family from the same district. He approached the family and convinced to go through a DNA test to find out the reality. DNA profile eventually proved that his wife’s suspicion wasn’t baseless.
After getting DNA reports both families filed a joint petition in court to exchange the babies and court fixed January 4 as the date of “the exchange”. Both parties arrived and as they tried to part with the children they had raised for almost three years started to cry and rebel against the exchange. The teacher said, “The children cried a lot, we thought this way the children will die”. Similar sentiments were emerged in the Bodo family, “We understand only one thing — humanity. This universe is all about humanity,” said Bodo father.

Both the families will go to court again on 24th of this month with a plea to let the children be theirs forever.

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