Chamara Silva’s Tried Inventing A New Shot And Awkwardly Failed

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Chamara Silva, cricketer of Sri Lanka tried a bizarre shot in a match between Teejay Lanka and MAS Unichela at Oval in Colombo and came on the radar of the social media after his failed attempt to play the shot. After watching that video no one will say it was a scoop and nor it was a reverse sweep. He was trying to innovate a shot of new level and failed with the embarrassment. You will believe only after watching the video how this 37-year-old went far behind the stumps and swung the bat firmly to play a pull shot but it seemed he forgot that the wickets are visible to the bowlers and then what happens is a hilarious moment in history.

chamara silva

ChamaraSilva has faced ban for two years for misbehaving in a domestic first class match in September.
Keeping with the spirit of the game SLC has called off the match and the players and official from the both sides coughed up the penalty.
And the two clubs were also slammed with the fine of 2,15,000/- each. Chamara Silva is right handed batsman and he played 16 T20 and 75 ODIs and 11 Tests for Sri Lanka.

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