Deepika Padukone Says To Neha Dhupia “Ranveer Singh Is The Best Kisser In The Business”

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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s bond is growing stronger with each passing day. Their public appearances and constant praises for each other is a solid proof of their ‘deep into love’.

Recently on Neha Dhupia’s show Vogue BFF, Deepika Padukone praised her alleged boy friend Ranveer’s kissing skills, calling him the best kisser in the business.

Deepika also played a segment in which Neha Dhupia asked the actress to complete the sentence— Ranveer, stop doing. To which Deepika quickly replied, ”Stop doing outrageous clothes”.

In this video Deepika can be heard saying ”Ranveer Singh is the best kisser in the business.”

During an interview Deepika also said, ”It is very weird! Sanjay sir brought the two of us together for two love stories and then he decided to put us in some kind of hate story. We are almost like the beauty and the beast in Padmaavat.”

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