This Delhi Cop Gifts Helmets To Bikers After Booking For Rule Violation

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Sometimes we need to show mercy instead of penalty to improve a person.
Delhi cop, Sandeep first books traffic rule violators and then counsels them before offering a free helmet. When off duty, Sandeep helps his colleagues from Delhi traffic department to book helmetless riders at crossing of Rohini in north-west and bring them in counsel.

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Sandeep explains, “After the traffic police books the violators, I explain to them why the cops insist they ride with helmets on,”
“When the riders are convinced, I offer them a helmet.”

“In my career with Delhi Police, I have realised that almost 90% of the road deaths involving motorcyclists is due to their not wearing helmets or wearing them wrongly,” says the constable.

“I began giving out helmets in order to create awareness about the issue.”

Sandeep follows a well structured method to make his work effective, he tries to distribute helmet especially in festive seasons like Raksha Bandhan, and Bhaiya Dooj.
On those days, he communicates with women and children and convinces them to follow helmet rule. He explains to rule violator’s family members that it is they who are left most vulnerable to accidents involving their men or guardian who ignore helmets and traffics rules.

Not only that, but Sandeep and his colleagues have put up posters in Peeragarhi and Pitampura suggesting riders instructing not to neglect using helmets. Sandeep expresses that he wish to take up others programmes in the coming years for creating awareness about not using the mobile phone while driving and not wearing seat belts.

Appreciating the work of Sandeep, Madhur Verma, DCP, PRO, Delhi Police said, “It is a personal venture, but Delhi Police is highly appreciative of it,”

Grateful for the support he is receiving from his colleagues and the police department, Sandeep said he is willing to do more for the society.

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