Delhi Police Helps A Young Mother Feed Her Baby In PCR Van And Guarded Her From Outside

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Holding her crying baby, a woman in her twenties approached a Police Control Room Van (PCR) at India Gate in a very restless condition. Delhi Police sensed that the woman needs some sort of help and they her reached her extending their help.
Without losing any time Kumar instructed his colleagues to help the woman. Actually, her baby was hungry and crying for past one hour, but she couldn’t feed because there was no private place. “We saw her coming. She looked tensed. We sensed that she needed help,” says Ram Kumar, Assistant Senior Inspector (ASI), Delhi Police.

Kumar says, “She told us that her baby is hungry and crying for the past one hour. The lady could not feed because there is no private space around.”
“We took our wireless set from the van and stood outside it so that the lady could feed her child inside the van, in privacy.”
This genuine help of Delhi Police is being applauded on social media; however Kumar feels that this act was nothing out of the ordinary for him or his team.

“This was a genuine problem that she faced. Being guards of the city, it is our job to extend a helping hand. Hamne hamari duty bhi nibha li, aur thodi insaniyat bhi dikha di,” says Kumar.

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