Dinesh Karthik & Murali Vijay To Play Together: Twitter Says They Will Fight Over Wife

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This time cricket has reached into the relationships of cricketers, because twitter thinks so! On one side India is struggling with South Africa to recover from the first loss, on the other hand public is struggling with thought of dressing room conditions after Dinesh Karthik joins the squad and share field with Murali Vijay.
Wriddhiman Saha has been ruled out of the ongoing test series against South Africa due to his injury and now Dinesh Karthik will be flying to South Africa to join team India ahead of the third test. Twitter can’t hold it back and twitteratis are erupting with all sorts of funny jokes on the awkward moments the two players are likely to share in the same dressing room.

Nikita Vijay, the wife of Murali Vijay was married to Dinesh Karthik initially. Dinesh Karthik and Murali Vijay felled into a love traingle with Nikita, as both cricketers were good friends once. Nikita and Dinesh Karthik separated ways in the year 2012 and in the very same year Murali Vijay married Karthik’s ex- wife.
Once good friends who played for the same Ranji team trapped in a sour relationship, the equation between these two went for a complete destruction. This incident brought an end to the friendship of both the Tamil Nadu cricketers, however, none of them have ever talked on this matter publicly.

If Karthik joins the third test match it might be the first time that any team would play three wicket keepers in three matches of a same series.

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