Dog Bites Man And Man Bites Dog But Then Man Gets Arrested For Biting Dog

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A US man was arrested for biting a police dog when police was investing reports of shooting in the town of Boscawen.

The police was in search of two men who were wanted on outstanding warrants. As per reports both the men fled when the police tried to arrest them.

One of two men first put the dog in a chokehold with clothes and then bit it on the head. Police said, “Both of them resisted arrest, but one very strongly resisted arrest. He bit the dog, the dog bit him, he ended up getting tasered,”

The dog, identified as K9 Veda of the New Hampshire state police has been cleared medically to return to duty. Killary, the police officer also said, “If you get into a biting competition with a police dog, you’re not going to win,”

Police haven’t revealed the men’s names. They say the man who bit the dog faces charges including resisting arrest, interfering with a police dog and assaulting an officer.

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