Finally Shashi Tharoor Makes A Grammatical Mistake, And Twitter Can’t Get Over It

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Tharoorian English is a thing now on Indian social media. Shashi Tharoor’s impeccable command over language not only enlightens his readers, but entertains social media as well. His choice of words in his tweets are considered ‘words of the day’, we read his tweets to enhance our vocab.
From giving bang on replies to shutting down trollers, his game is always spot on. Mr. Tharoor never fails to impress us with his oratory and humorous replies.

However, we witnessed a little shift in shaft when Mr. Tharoor made a small typo mistake and someone was there to point it out.
Actually, the incident happened after Mr. Tharoor took it twitter to express his gratitude to his viewers for joining his Facebook live. Shahshi Tharoor put out a lovely tweet, but, there was a grammatical error in it.

Now, Suhel Seth, who is famous for slamming those on social media for their incorrect English, took a quick move to point out mistake of Mr. Tharoor like a boss.

What happened next was inevitable, but then, who would like to miss this rare chance!
FYI, it all started with Adnan Sami.

And then people followed him!

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