Get Ready To See How characters Of ‘Khichdi’ Will Look In the Latest Season!

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After ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’ it’s time for third season of’ Khichdi’ to change the current face of Indian TV shows. Yes, you are right, Third season of ‘Khichdi’ will be on air very soon, and we can’t wait any more. We can’t forget those times when every family of India used to roll on floor of laughing on lame jokes of Praful and Hansa, every Indian was able to connect with the comedy of the idiosyncratic ‘Parekh Parivar’.
You might be wondering how much the cast of ‘Khichdi’ has changed now. So, let’s have a look at the timeline of transformation of our favorite ‘Parekh Parivar’.

1. Hansa Parekh

Supriya Pathak as Hansa Parekh was and is the perfect cast for the role of curious Hansa. She was perfect then and is perfect now, can’t wait to see her ask lots of English question.

2. Praful Parekh

Praful Parekh (Rajeev Mehta) and Hansa made a deadly comic duo in the history of India TV shows, and we are waiting eagerly to watch Praful answering Hansa.

3. Tulsidas Parekh

Tulsidas Parekh (Anang Desai) was the only sane person in the house. Always angry Babu ji and his problems kept us on toes.

4. Chakki Parekh

Chakki Parekh (Richa Bhadra), the super intelligent daughter of dysfunctional parents Praful and Hansa is all grown up and a beautiful young lady now. Get ready to hear “Bade Log Bade Log”.

5. Jackky Parekh

We have not seen Yash Mittal (Jackky Parekh) working on silver screen for a very long time, let’s see what he has in his basket of acting to offer for his fans.

6. Bhavesh Kumar

Bhavesh Kumar (Kamlesh Oza ) the ’always hungry Ghar jamai’ is ready to be the uninvited permanent guest in the Parekh family.

7. Jayshree Parekh

Jayshree Parekh (Vandana Pathak) irritating Babu Ji while serving tea used to be one repetitive habit where viewers clinched and laughed simultaneously, we are ready to witness those mixed emotions again.

8. Himanshu Seth

Himanshu Seth ( Jamnadas Majethia) used to say “Kissi ko pata nahi chalega” a lot, let’s see what he has got to say new in this latest arrival.

9. Raju Parekh

Super flirt Raju Parekh ( Amit verma) is all rugged and handsome now, we are eager to see if he is still a flirt or a stable man now.

10. Meera Parekh

Meera Parekh (Meera Parekh), the teacher of the house might be a professor in her mind now.
The level of excitement among fans of ‘Khichdi’ is about to explode as web series of Khichdi is ready to get aired soon!

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