Goa Minister Wants To Discourage Indian Tourists By Making Goa Super Expensive

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1. More than six million tourists visit Goa every year that is four times its resident population. Half a million foreign tourists also visit Goa each year.

2. Vijai Sardesai who is the Minister for Town and Country Planning, wants to make Goa so expensive that it discourages Indian tourists from visiting the state.

3. Sardesai wants to discourage common tourists, tourists who make plan at last moment and tour Goa in a budget. He wants to bring high spenders only.

4. Sedesai says, “Why do we need these common tourists? It is not only about quantity, but also about quality of tourists coming to Goa. They say that today 64 lakh tourists come and we will take it to 1 crore. You don’t need them. Reduce the numbers and instead bring the high spenders in”.

5. Goa is one of the most favored travel destinations for tourists of all age groups across India and this disheartening news will definitely not go well with them.

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