A Heart-Wrenching Story Of An Old Couple Who Got Trapped In Their House

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A heart-wrenching incident has been reported from Muzaffarnagar District in Uttar Pradesh. In Adarsh Colony in Muzaffarnagar a house belonging to an old couple remained locked since Sunday Evening.

The house belongs to the old couple Omvati of 72 years and Aatma Ram Gram of 78 years. When neighbours observed no movements from the house they called the police. When Police arrived they found that the door was locked from inside.

When police broke the door and went inside the people were shocked to see the scene in front of them. The old lady was sitting on a chair and her husband’s dead body was lying on the floor near her. The lady was not in the condition to move.
The old woman was confined to the chair as she is not physical capable of walking anymore. As per police it seems like Aatmaram Garg got up from the bed in the morning and fell down accidentally which caused him fatal injuries. His wife probably found him dead but was helpless to do anything beyond slide into a chair somehow.

The couple has two sons, one works in Gurugram and other one works in Roorke. When police contacted them one son refused to come while other said he would come but failed to turn up.

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