Kangana Ranaut Finally Admits Hrithik Roshan Controvery Is Decreasing Her Commercial Value

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Kangana Ranaut is a strong woman, she always stands for what’s right and fair. But she got herself trapped in an endless controversy when she opened up about her alleged relationship with Hrithik Roshan. She constantly said she will not let this controversy harm her emotions and career anymore, but finally she has admitted that controversy between her and Hrithik Roshan has affected her adversely.

Recently, Kangana admitted in an interview that her visibility is considerably down since the controversy started.

She said, “The offers haven’t slowed but my commercial viability has been affected. The endorsements are fewer, my earnings are down and my plan to open my own production house has had to be pushed. But I have signed three films, have a beautiful house in Manali now and an office on Pali Hill and I’m going to Harvard so don’t write me off just yet,”

Kangana ended the interview on a very positive and inspiring note saying, “I don’t want my life to become a cautionary tale but an inspiration for young girls and for that I will survive and succeed.”

Right now Kangana is shooting for her highly ambitious project, movie ‘Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi’.

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