‘Kingdom Of Dixit’ In Danger: Russian Claims Himself Ruler Of Territory Claimed By Indian, American

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The American, Indian and Russian all claim to be the rightful owner of an unclaimed desert of 1,290 sq km area between the borders of Egypt and Sudan known as BirTawil. This land belongs to no country because it has no registered population.

Suyash Dixit from India named this land the ‘Kingdom of Dixit’ earlier this month, while Jeremiah Heaton calls it the ‘Kingdom of North Sudan’.And Dmitry Zhikharevthinks that it should be the ‘Kingdom of Middle Earth’.

Suyash Dixit, an Indore-based businessman visited BirTawil on 7thNovember this year and wrote on his Facebook wall that he had planted sunflower seeds in the desert, and proceeded to call it the “Kingdom of Dixit”. He entitled himself as its prime minister, and made his father its president.
While Dixit rejoiced in the glory of his instant viral fame in India, Virginia-based Jeremiah Heaton challenged his claims on Twitter. Heaton claimed that he had visited BirTawil in 2014 that’s why it has to be the “Kingdom of North Sudan”.

Resolving the matter like matures, Heaton and Dixit talked to each other privately and on November 16, both took to Twitter to declare that they would work together for the development of BirTawil.

Everything was going smooth until a Russian radio professional named Zhikharevwrote a letter to the Russian website TJournal stating that both Heaton and Dixit have faked their visits to BirTawil.He claimed that Dixit and Heaton both have taken photographs of themselves in the desert in Egypt, near BirTawil, and circulated as proof that they had been to the terra nullis. He said they should offer geo-tagged photographs as evidence to prove they had actually been there, as he has done himself.

Dmitry Zhikharevsays he had visited BirTawilin December 2014, and that’s why he named the land “Kingdom Mediae Terrae” or the Kingdom of Middle Earth, and announced that he was its king.
Zhikharev said, “They knew about Heaton’s claim but laughed and said that there is absolutely no way anyone would give them permission to go there [BirTawil]. It’s like giving an American permission to travel to Pakistan from Indian border control.”
Dixit, who has joined Heaton in helping set up a server farm in BirTawil, said Zhikharev’s allegations are senseless.

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