Man Attempts Life-Threatening Rail Stunt: Twitter Calls It Stupidity & Warns Him Of People Using Loo

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In this mess of digital development people are losing their clarity as well as conscience. Cynicism has reached to that level at which people are ready to do anything just to get few bunch of likes, views, and attention. Right now a stupid video is going viral on internet in which a Kashmiri man can be seen lying down on the railway track to let a speeding train pass over him.
In the video man is also seen celebrating after completing that life-threatening stunt. Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah took it to twitter to share this video and also called out the “stupidity” of the act. He wrote: “There is something drastically wrong with this sort of adventure seeking. I can’t believe the stupidity of these young men,”

The video shows a phiran-donned (a traditional Kashmiri cloak) man lying face down in the middle of the track as the train passed over him. He cheers out a celebratory shout after the accomplishment of stunt. The video was probably recorded by someone who was close to stunt attempting man.
There have been several calls on social media for appropriate action to be taken against the man for this ridiculous stunt. People on twitter are showing their outrage for such stupid stunts.

There is no information yet on whether any action has been taken against the man.

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