Man Plotted A Robbery Scene To Kill His Wife Because He Found Her ‘Too Ugly’

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crime in sangroor

1. Sandeep Singh allegedly planned to kill his wife because he found her ‘less attractive’, ‘ugly’ and ‘more in age’ than him.

man killed his wife

2. Punjab police arrested 22-year-old Sandeep along with two of his friends from the town Sangrur in Punjab after he tried to get his pregnant wife killed because he found her ‘too ugly’.

man killed ugly wife

3. Sandeep and his wife got married last year following a two-year engagement period, but he was not happy with the marriage.

4. Sandeep and his wife were travelling from Ratta Khera to Bangan, when he stopped the car for a smoke break and waited till his friends attacked his wife. After looting her gold and money, his friends shot at her stomach and fled.

crime in sangroor punjab

5. The victim was admitted in a private hospital immediately where she was aborted and is now out of danger.


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