Man Sets His Own Apartment On Fire In An Attempt To Kill A Spider

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In a quest to kill a spider using a torch lighter, a man in the California, United States ended up burning down his own apartment. Fire fighters battled the massive fire for around 20 minutes on Sunday after residents tried and failed to put the flames out with a garden hose.
The unidentified man took a torch lighter to kill a “huge wolf spider” by setting it on fire but the fast-moving eight-legged critter ran under a nearby mattress while it was on fire. Flames spread onto nearby furniture and curtains setting entire apartment on fire.

Wolf spiders are venomous and can grow up to the size of a human hand; however, many sub-species are much smaller. Wolf spiders are considered dangerous to humans, though generally non-fatal.
Although firefighters quickly extinguished the blaze but it caused a considerable damage of around $11,000. People said firefighters were able to keep fire from spreading to neighboring apartments.

Fire department is investigating the incident, it’s unclear whether the man will face charges or not.

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