This Man Wears ‘All’ His Clothes To Skip Baggage Fee: Gets Banned From Flight Twice

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Ryan Carney Williams, an artist who goes by the name Ryan Hawaii claimed he was recently turned away from a British Airways flight in Iceland for wearing “all” of his clothes. Ryan was wearing not one or two but 10 shirts and eight pairs of pants to skip £90 (US$124) baggage fee.

Ryan wrote on his Twitter page that he was “being held” at Iceland’s main Keflavik airport because he had no baggage for his clothes.

He also called the airline “despicable” and questioned if he was a victim of racial profiling. However, British Airways denied his claims and said the decision to deny boarding for Hawaii “was absolutely not based on race”.

While check-in went fine for his easyJet flight the next day, Ryan was later prevented from boarding at the gate.

Ryan eventually made it back home on a Norwegian airline, though it’s still not clear what had become of his clothes.

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