Meet 57 Year Old Noida Man Who Serves Home Cooked Food Every Day Just At Rs 5

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Dadi Ki Rasoi serves lunch to more than 500 people every day between 12 to 2 pm just at Rs 5. Be it a rickshaw wala, auto wala, student, working man/woman, or even a passerby everyone can enjoy a complete meal from Dadi Ki Rasoi just for Rs 5.
Anoop Khanna who is the owner of this road side stall started this initiative two years ago along with a group of friends to provide people with home cooked food at a nominal rate. Khanna had invested a little more than Rs 30, 000 in setting up the stall-cum-kitchen. Now, raw material for the lunch costs him around Rs 2500 a day only.

Anoop said, “We wanted to provide quality food, which gives you a homely feel. We could have attempted to provide the food for free as well but the reason for the price is that it gives dignity to a person who is buying the lunch. As far as the quality of food is concerned, I personally supervise over the preparation. Moreover, since the cost is minimal, anyone can enjoy a meal without worrying about the cost.”
He added further-“It is not so difficult. It only takes a will of a person to start something like this. I have started getting requests from the residents to help them start something like this in their locality as well, so I have asked them to spend some time at my outlet just to have an idea about the functioning and challenges we face.”

Anoop who is 57-year-old has now pledged to sustain this initiative for the rest of his life. He even encourages other residents to set up a similar stall in their area so that they can serve more and more.

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