Meet Real Mowgli Of Odisha Who Has Rescued Over 5000 Snakes Till This Date

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1. Krushna Chandra Gochhayat famously known as ‘Mowgli’ of Odisha has rescued more than 5000 snakes, plus other animals like elephants, tigers, and monkeys till this date.

2. Krushan is a professional snake rescuer and helps the forest department in rescuing all kinds of animals from poachers.

3. “I have rescued all types of animals, not only snakes but also deer, tigers, elephants, birds, leopards, monkeys etc. It gives me great satisfaction to help animals,” says Krushna.

4. Whenever Krushna finds any injured animal, he gets it treated by a doctor and then releases it back in their natural habitat.

5. He treats them not only with the help of wildlife conservation but also on his own expenses.

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