Milind Soman Asked To Join Him For 7-Hr Marathon & Twitter Decide To Make Epic Jokes

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milind soman trolled on twitter

There is a man called Milind Soman who is just not a human but superman. Yes I am in my senses and saying it right as this man has taken resolution to run seven hours Marathon every day. Model/actor turned marathon runner is already our desi Ironman as he had achieved various marathon feats. Not only has completed toughest marathon the Ironman Triathlon in Zurich but also had run for kilometers on end without any footwear.
Soman has pretty much completed various international marathon missions. Now he has taken up something unique. Milind Soman tweeted about his New Year fitness resolution yesterday, and trust me it’s horrifying. He said:” Guys this year, I’m starting a new fitness resolution! Doing a 7 Hour Marathon every day! Yup, you read that right. Who wants to join me? #7hourmarathon”

Yep, you read that right, Milind Soman wants to run a seven hour marathon every day. We know only he can take such resolutions. He often sets fitness goals that seem tough to achieve, and never tires of motivating his fans to take to fitness and running.
Milind asked his fans to join him in running but the Twitterati began pointing out its own daily problems in joining him in the marathon with hilarious tweets.

We wish all the best to Ultraman!

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