‘Miracle Of Nature’: Baby Born With Heart Outside Her Body Is First To Survive In UK

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Doctors warned her that termination was the only option but the mother refused to terminate her pregnancy, and now she is celebrating a new little life in her life.

The baby girl born with her heart outside her body is the first in the UK to survive with this extremely rare condition; she had to undergo three major operations to move her heart back inside her chest. The first operation was performed within an hour of her birth.

The ‘miracle baby’, Vanellope Hope Wilkins was discovered to have the condition ectopia cordis at a nine-week scan. Ectopia cordis is a rare condition in which a baby’s heart and part of her stomach grow externally. Babies born with this condition have less than a 10% chance of survival.

Doctors advised her parents, Naomi Findlay and Dean Wilkins that “termination” was the only option, but they didn’t give up and gave birth to premature baby by caesarean section on 22 November. They have named her after a Disney princess,Vanellope.

Sharing emotions on first being told of baby’s condition-
Naomi said, “I burst into tears. When we did the research, we just couldn’t physically look because the condition came with so many problems.”
Dean Wilkins said, “We still didn’t know what we were looking at when we saw the scan, it looked like a little hamster with a hat on.”

Now look at the miracle of nature and effort of human……… this couple has become happy parents.
The couple was warned all the way through her pregnancy that “chances of survival are next to nothing”.
But after the birth, Namoi said, “I felt guilty for thinking negative thoughts because here she is fighting, and there there was I, about to give up. I’m glad I stuck to my guns not to terminate though, I’m so glad.”

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