Moovattupuzha Town Froze For 24 Minutes To Save a Baby’s Life

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1. A baby born in a hospital at Thodupuzha on Monday was suffering from breathlessness, and could not breathe without life support system.

2. It was necessary to transfer the infant to a better hospital but the baby could not afford to rely on a ventilator for more than half an hour at any cost.

3. The only way to save the baby’s life was to take him to a hospital with better facilities but the baby was too weak to survive on life support for more than 30 minutes. A vehicle generally took half an hour to cross the busy Moovattupuzha town on the way.

4. Moovattupuzha town established an amazing example of humanity by coming together to save the life of the baby of Jomon Joseph from town Peramangalam.

5. Thanks to synchronized efforts of police, the town’s residents, and the ambulance driver who cover the distance in a record 24 minutes by standing still in that critical duration.

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