Mother From UP Sells Her 15-Days Baby to Fund Her Husband’s Treatment

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First day of year 2018 was not that good and happening for everyone in our country. When whole India was celebrating New Year with all joy and energy, a poor mother had to sell her 15-day-old baby for a little sum of money. Probably worst day for any woman!
A woman from Mirganj town in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh state sold her 15-day-old baby to arrange adequate money for the treatment of her ailing husband. She had to sell her little baby for a little sum of Rs 45,000.

The sobbing woman said, “It was not an easy decision for the family to make, but we need money to treat my husband. So, I took the drastic step. We are poor people and I was forced to choose between my husband and child. The only way to save my husband is to let my child go,”
There could be no bigger grief for a mother than abandoning her baby, but in this shocking incident miserable mother had to take this agonizing step to save her husband’s life on the cost of her motherhood. Reports of poor people selling their children are not any new in India.

In May 2017, there were reports of a family selling their eight-month-old daughter for a little amount of Rs 200 in Tripura. The family had to sell the child to an autorickshaw driver.

The Social Welfare and Social Education Department had taken account of the incident and making all possible efforts to bring the baby back to family.

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