Naked Girl With Body Paint Walked Through The Mall, Check The Hilarious Reactions

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Imagine a situation when someone walks through a huge crowd completely naked, covered only in body paint, without any trace of clothe. Can you imagine? If you can’t, then let me introduce you to a professional body painter, Jen, who dared and attained this feat successfully.

Jen and her daughter took 3 hours to paint a model in realistic looking body-painted top and a pair of jeans.

Just look at this photograph, it’s almost impossible to identify which one of these ladies is body painted and which one is wearing real clothes.

This perfection is the result of skillfully applied complex detail of the work by Jen and her daughter into the body painting.

The final look of this amazing art details a pair of pasties, a thong, a hat, a pair of boots, a scarf and the realistic looking body paint applied all over the naked body of the model.

And then comes the response time, the model turned her creators imagination into execution by walking through a hugely crowded mall to capture people’s reactions!

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