Neetu Chandra & Twitter Blasts Sidharth Malhotra For Comparing Bhojpuri With ‘Latrine’: Sid Apologies

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During the promotions of Aiyaary, actors Sidharth Malhotra and Manoj Bajpai had visited the Bigg Boss 11 where during a fun task Sidharth said something not very decent. Actually during the activitiy, Manoj asked Sid to deliver dialogues in Bhojpuri. Before Sid’s turn Manoj also gave him some Bhojpuri lessons. Sidharth delivered the dialogue but at the end of task he said he felt like ‘latrine’ while saying all that dialogues in Bhojpuri. Taking Sid’s word on count, actress Neetu Chandra said that she is extremely shocked at this unabashed stereotype of a language.
Slamming him on the social media Neetu said, “So disappointed @S1dharthM some1who is so fortunate 2 work wd d best. Who despite being an outsider has made a name 4 himself,4 U 2 use ur words so loosely.2 disrespect #Bhojpuri on national TV. SHOCKED! How on earth does speaking in #Bhojpuri gives u a latrine feeling.Shame on U,”

Neetu Chandra is Hindi and Bhojpuri actress-producer and she hails from Bihar. Neetu has been quite a supporter of the language and this is not the first time that she has slammed any one. Before Sidharth, Neetu had slammed Alia Bhatt for the stereotypical portrayal of Biharis in Udta Punjab.
Later, Sidharth took it to twitter apologise for the act, he wrote: “I recently tried speaking a new language while I was on a TV show. In the process if I inadvertently hurt anyone’s feelings or sentiments, I apologize and assure you that no disrespect was meant in any way”.

But the ship had been sailed and people were not happy………. So, this is how twitter reacted.

Whatever he meant but disrespect of any language is not cool!

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