Nervous Patiala Man Lands From Dubai Wearing Rs 30 Lakh Gold: Caught At Airport

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Wearing too many jewelry can drag you into danger. A Patiala-based trader was caught on airport when he arrived from Dubai wearing a 700-gram gold chain and 233-gram bracelet on Saturday. Not only jewelry, but he was also carrying 116-gram gold biscuit and 10-gram gold coin in his wallet. As per reports, total gold worth Rs. 30 lakh.
A customs officer said they keep close eye on all international passengers, especially on those who land from Dubai. People landing from Dubai have become major source of gold smuggling. An official said, “On Saturday as the Dubai plane landed with nearly 180 passengers, we saw a passenger passing the green channel anxiously while moving to the baggage area to collect his luggage,”.

One mistake of that man placed him on the radar of customs officials. He was too nervousness while crossing the green channel after the Dubai flight landed at the Chandigarh airport. His nervousness made him vulnerable and got caught at the baggage area.
Around 700-gram gold chain was found around his neck that was hidden inside his winter clothes. Bracelet and other gold ornaments were also recovered from the trader. “The accused, aged 34, is a trader in Patiala. He could earn at least Rs. 5 lakh profit by selling the gold, which is pure 24 carat,” said the official.

Later, accused was released on bail. His case will now be sent to the court of zonal commissioner in Ludhiana.

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