No Jhanjhat! Here Are 10 Easy And Beauty Rangoli Designs To Decorate Your Home!

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Diwali might be the festival of lights, but it is incomplete without colors. And when we talk about colors how then beautiful and bubbling Rangolis can stand excluded. Rangoli is that one art forms about which we don’t think much yet it forms such a silent but strong part of our tradition. Rangoli shows various aspect of our culture and strongly holds the years old art form. We can’t imagine Diwali celebration without Rangoli because it would be like popcorn without salt, tasteless.
We all know that creating a beautiful Rangoli in not some kid’s job, because it needs art, folks! But in this article I am about to present few beautiful yet easy Rangoli designs for you to lighten your house with colors.

1. The tricolor peacock

2. Simple but beautiful

3. Shri Ganesh Rangoli

4. Beautiful peacock Rangoli

5. Modern rangoli

6. Button style multicolor Rangoli

7. Quick border style Rangoli

8. Net patterned Rangoli

9. Innovative multicolor Rangoli

10. Best Kolam Rangoli

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