Old Rival Garry Kasparov Praises Viswanathan Anand & Slams Critics On Twitter

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Chess maestro Viswanathan Anand is a person who can make his enemies salute him for his skills and humanity. When Anand won the World Rapid title on Thursday, not only his fans but his rival also praised him for his relentlessness sporting spirit and skills.
On Wednesday, Anand beat his arch-rival and biggest competitor Magnus Carlsen from the black side of Botvinnik system in the Nimzo Indian defence in the ninth round of the World Rapid Championship in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Viswanathan Anand’s old rival, Chess genius Garry Kasparov has heaped praise on his grand victory and slammed Anand’s critics who suggested him to retire from the game. With a strong message Garry wrote: “Congratulations of the man from the sixties on his World Rapid title! I hope you dedicated this latest victory to everyone who has asked you when you were going to retire!”

Anand also replied to Garry’s wish in most humble way.

We witnessed these two chess legends clashing last time in August, but the result of the most-awaited clash at the St Louis Rapid tournament fell into a draw. This match had come over ten year and nine months on from their previous meeting, when Garry was a day away from his retirement.

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