Picture of Mentally Ill People Shopping For Very First Time Will Melt Your Heart

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When mentally ill inmates of Anbalayam got a chance to go for their first outing they grabbed every moment to enjoy at fullest. Anbalayam is a city-based voluntary organization working for mentally ill people, it promotes improvement by wandering.

Total 31 inmates of the organization, including 11 women, could not hold their excitement when they got a chance to shop new set of clothes for Pongal festival by their own. They got a field day for around two hours on Wednesday, and were welcomed as special customers of Ahmed Brothers, a garment retailer in the city. Inmates enjoyed this two hours long outing like they will never forget this moment for the rest of their lives.

The sales personnel at the shop made them comfortable while serving to their special customers. The inmates were from different states, some from Karnataka, some from Andhra Pradesh, and also from Delhi; they faced no problem in expressing their desire of the dresses through their kind gestures.

A volunteer named Anand who was conversant in their languages accompanied them at shop to help them out. There were many heart touching moments, especially one when one of the inmates ran up to the founder of Anbalayam with a new dress in hand and sought his blessings.

“Would you believe? All these special customers were once wandering in the streets. These inmates are now able to take care of themselves, and some are even capable of taking up employment,” said Mr. Senthilkumar, founder of Anbalayam.

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