Priest Of Maa Sarala Temple Says No Helmet No Puja

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The Odisha police are trying a unique trick to persuade two-wheeler riders into wearing helmets while riding, now. Police has convinced the priests of Maa Sarala temple in Jagatsinghpur district to refuse the special puja for vehicles if the owners steps into temple without helmets.
The Jagatsinghpur police reported that 10 new vehicles are brought to the 1,000 years old temple every day for puja on special occasions. Of the total 16,004 motor vehicles registered in the district, 13,203 are two-wheelers.

Jagatsinghpur Superintendent of Police Jai Narayan Pankaj, “In view of the high number of road accidents, a meeting was held between priests and the police and it was agreed that the priests will refuse to perform the puja unless the owner of the two-wheeler brings the helmet along with the motorcycle for the puja,”
The temple’s head priest Sudam Charan Panda has assured that he would make every possible effort to ensure the implementation of this new method with the help of police outpost.

Traffic police are taking major initiatives to improve road fatalities!

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