Priyanka Chopra Ordered To Pay Taxes After Showing Luxury Watches And Sedans As Gifts: Tax Trouble

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Priyanka Chopra always makes headlines for all the good reason, but this time it seems something messy. Recently, PeeCee showed a luxury sedan and watch as gifts during an income tax raid. However, Income-tax officials don’t believe they were gifts. Hence, she had been ordered to give an explanation as well as pay the tax.
Priyanka explained that her watch which worth Rs 4 Lakhs was gifted by the manufacturing company itself as a promotional gift. She gave the same reason for her Sedan car which is worth around Rs 27 Lakhs. Both these claims were shot down by the ITAT unfortunately.

An IT official said, “A company, is an artificial person and therefore does not have any emotional feeling of love and affection which is the cardinal factors for treating any transaction as a gift,”
Priyanka approached Income-tax Appellate Tribunal Department, but the ITAT too shot down Chopra’s explanation and has advised her to pay the taxes. As per a report, the IT officials are re-assessing all her claims during the time period, which include a necklace (worth Rs 17.60 lakhs) gifted to her by Red Chillies Entertainment.

Priyanka has been served with tax demands over four year period (from the financial year 2006-07 onwards). The order came in after the department had disputes with the actress.

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