What? Ranbir Kapoor And Mahira Khan Are Not ‘Good Friends’ Any More

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It took only one picture random picture to bring Tsunami all over social media within minutes. Yes, we are talking about superstar Ranbir Kapoor and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan who was also the leading lady of Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. The friendship between two actors was supposed to have a close expiry date. But not so soon!
A source says, “Their friendship has fizzled out. Ranbir and Mahira will always remain cordial but that’s because of the kind of people they are”. These two actors reportedly met through a common friend, and instantly found chemistry sparked between them. They went ahead with their friendship by meeting each other at foreign locations like Dubai, London, and New York.

However, the nature of their relationship was never made official; everything written was just on the basic of conceptions and rumors. It was heard that after their photographs went viral last year, an entire hell broke upon the actors.
Both celebrities were bashed and trolled for smoking and dressing ‘inappropriately’ according to the standards of certain faith. People from other country started to show outrage for Mahira’s comfortable behavior with Ranbir. Situation became tough and both actors got caught in unwanted controversy.

Sources say that both actors maintain a cordial relationship but their friendship has run out of steam!

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