Rishi Kapoor Reveals He Has Blocked Over 5000 People On Twitter For Trash Talking

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Once Ranbir Kapoor said that his father is a good man and he may be a bit too brash and a bit too honest. We think Ranbir is right as Rishi Kapoor has no filter at all, all he does, he does from his heart without any wrong intentions. We all know how passionately Rishi Kapoor speaks or tweets with full honesty and don’t let trollers tower over him or even overpower him at any point of time.
In a recent media interaction Mr. Kapoor opened up how he handles trollers, he revealed that he has blocked more than 5,000 people on Twitter. He says, “Main woh karunga, woh likhunga jo mera mann chahega. I have the freedom of expression. This is a democracy, and I can say what I want to and what I feel.”

“As long as I am not offending someone personally, or I am not agitating against anything that’s a delicate matter, I don’t think that anyone should have a problem with what I say,”
“Everything is okay but the moment you abuse me, or you offend me, I would do nothing but simply block you. That means you can no longer follow me or see what I am doing. Either you create a new account, start tweeting and then follow me again. So, you lose me for that period.” He adds further.

He has made it clear several times that he won’t let anyone patronize to him about what he needs to tweet or post on social media. He bluntly says, “Jisne koi gadbad ki, ya meri family ke bare main kuch kaha ya kuch bhi galat cheez likhi, I will block him/her”

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